Welcome to Leocenis Center.

The Leocenis Center staff are mission-driven professionals committed to making an impact in advancing economic freedom and combating poverty in Venezuela. In keeping with our commitment to fundamental human rights, the Leocenis Center embraces diversity as an organizing force and a source of enrichment. We value free and open communication, respecting the views, roles and contributions of all. There are approximately 200 employees working with poor communities, especially in our pilot program in poor areas of Caracas, at points, in so-called parishes.

Leocenis Center’s macro-project is to develop healthier eating patterns in school children and their families in Venezuela’s neighborhoods.

The project is planned in three phases: 

Phase I

Diagnosis of existing nutritional and dietary problems of children in the neighborhoods and their main determinants.

Phase II

Intervention to promote healthy eating, according to the objectives set.

Phase III

Evaluation of the intervention carried out. New application of the quantitative and qualitative instruments applied in Phase I, to know the degree of progress according to the objectives set.

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